Labels – A Christmas Thought

Tomorrow my parents will arrive here for Christmas. I am fortunate to still have them alive and able to travel.

As we do this time of year, I have been reminiscing about some great memories we have together. I grew up an only child in a small town where Dad and Mom owned a grocery store. One of my fondest memories is going into the pantry at my mom’s direction to get an unlabeled can brought home from the store. There were scores of them in boxes. The fun was trying to figure out what was in it before opening it because it would be added to the dinner table. We always had fun with that!

And that got me thinking about labels. Today it seems that labels rule the day. Are you conservative or liberal? A democrat or republican? A baby boomer or millennial? Are you…well, you get the picture.

One thing I learned in the pantry at the Traylor house fits our culture today. What is on the inside is more important than what we see on the outside. Be careful how you judge others.

I have been labeled many things in my days as a pastor. However, God knows my heart. While man looks on the outside, God looks within.

Over the next ten days we will spend time with people whom we will be tempted to label. This Christmas let us be reminded that the content of our heart and character is the real issue. Christ in you is the Hope of Glory.

Merry Christmas!

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