Friday Thoughts: Raising Children

                    So how do you raise a son or daughter? Can you spank them? Is it effective? All of these pundits giving advice in two minute segments do not seem to solve much in my opinion. Raising a child is serious business that is not for the faint of heart. Balance is vital. Here are some thoughts: Having the biological father in the home is a BIG plus. Notice Adrian Peterson was absent. Did you know 60% of children go to bed in a home where the biological father does not Read more →

How Ivan Changed Ministry at Olive

Ten years ago this week Hurricane Ivan roared up Palafox Street in Pensacola. Water, wind and destruction came to Northwest Florida. In the days that followed disaster relief sprang into action. People from many organizations came to help. Feeding units, tree removal, construction, medical and more were here to aid our people.                                                                             I remember well walking across the Olive back parking lot and Read more →

The Idolatry of Sports

Donald Sterling is a racist. Ray Rice is a wife abuser. Performance enhancing steroids…you name the person.  Sports in America is an idol for many. It is big money. Professional, college and kids leagues of all kinds dominate the lives of many Americans. When we see those involved in the big time sports fall we too often turn our heads and go on. Sports, like every other area in our nation, are often led by people who become intoxicated with fame and power. It is not far from there to the fall. Just ask Rice and Sterling. Yet, in the Read more →

Cooperation: It’s More Than a Program

Cooperation is vital in any corporation. It is essential for all team sports, industry, family and the church.  In our Baptist life cooperation is a big need.  Each church operates independently and does not report to denominational headquarters.  Instead, our denomination works for us. Baptist headquarters is the local church. Yet we work with other churches in the family of God to do Kingdom work. In Southern Baptist life we have a giving system called the Cooperative Program. Each church decides how much to put in and then we divide it up as a convention. It has been said that Read more →

As the Sun Rises On Your Day

      As I sat in a wooden rocker on my back porch this morning watching the sun rise I thought of two verses. In Psalm 113:3 we find these words. “From the rising of the sun to its setting the name of the Lord is to be praised. “ And in Malachi 1:11 we read another truth. “ For from the rising of the sun even to its setting, MY Name will be great among the nations…”   So I have been reminded this day of two things.   1. I am to praise the Lord   2. His name Read more →