Why You Don’t Want to Miss the Kingdom Men Rally

The church and culture in America need godly men to serve and lead. At Olive we desire to equip men for that role. That is the focus of the upcoming Kingdom Men Rally. Join us Thursday, January 28. Tickets are $15 which includes a steak dinner beginning at 5:15pm in the ROC. The event starts at 6:30pm.Our special guest will be Quint Studer. This entrepreneurial leader in Pensacola is a powerful motivational speaker. And I bet we hear a little about baseball and the Blue Wahoos! I will round out the evening with a Bible message on the lordship of Read more →

Can America Be Great Again?

For the past several days a column by Dr. Russell Moore has had wide posting, including one by The Washington Post. And while he did not use the headline, “Sorry the Bible Doesn’t Promise To Make America Great Again”, others have. In the article Dr. Moore makes the correct case that 2 Chronicles 7:14 is not for the nation but for the people of God. He does a great job articulating this biblical truth.So I began to think. Can America be great again? Donald Trump says it can. Is his idea of greatness mine? Was America ever great and then lost greatness? All Read more →

The Pulpit and Politics

“Pastor, I love to hear you preach the Bible, but I wish you would leave politics out of the pulpit.”Occasionally I will be in a discussion and will hear something similar to this statement. Is there a place for preaching to enter the political world? Can a pastor be wrong in speaking to the politics of the day?I would answer yes to both questions.Endorsing candidates is not my place. Speaking to every issue in local paper is not Bible preaching. Yet, it is difficult to be a prophetic voice without entering the political world.Politics is defined in my dictionary as the Read more →

As Another Birthday Passes

Yesterday, December 14, I turned 62 years old. It was a full day that started about 5:30am. My super executive assistant and her husband had us over to end the day with a great meal. The day was filled with meetings and ministry assignments. As I begin year 63 I have some thoughts:God has been good to me.I pastor a great church.Our staff team is unified and working hard.My parents are fantastic at 85 and 90 years old. Mom called to say she was glad I am her son.I have lived more years already than I have left to live.Finishing Read more →

Why Being a Soul Winner Matters

Yesterday I preached the funeral for my friend Bill Weatherall. When I got to know him he was selling used cars. During his life he was a successful entrepreneur. My best encounter with Bill was the day I sat down in is home and talked about Jesus. It was my joy to lead him as he prayed to become a follower of Jesus.Soul winning has become a term that is out of favor in our church culture. Thus we are baptizing fewer people in our churches. Winning people to Jesus is still a great labor. I want to encourage you Read more →