What I Learned From A Conversation with Donald Trump

Yesterday it was my pleasure to attend the New York City gathering of pastors and other ministry leaders for A Conversation with Donald Trump. More than 900 of us filled the ballroom. While there were powerful and timely presentations from several national religious leaders, the focus time was with Mr. Trump. Mike Huckabee served as moderator as a number of key questions were presented to Mr. Trump.The key topics of discussion:Religious libertyRacial divideIsraelImmigrationMilitary might and make upSupreme CourtThe Johnson AmendmentObamacareMy takeaways for the day:1. Mr. Trump is new to the political process as a candidate. He is evolving as his candidacy Read more →

Thoughts As I Prepare the Convention Sermon

On Wednesday of next week I have the honor and responsibility of preaching the convention sermon at the Southern Baptist Convention in St. Louis.I attended my first convention in 1974 in Dallas. I traveled there with my pastor, associational director of missions, and some other preachers. I remember we stopped in East Texas to spend the night in a motel so rough my roommate and I pulled a table across the door to feel safe. The next day we drove into Dallas and heard W.A. Criswell at First Baptist Church Dallas. I had never been in anything like that in Read more →

I’m Proud of You, Son

 Tonight is the Upward Awards gathering for young people and families involved in teeball/baseball/softball season. This is always a fun evening. Thanks are due to our staff, coaches, umpires and others who work to make a successful year.This is a week of transition. My son Bennett has been coordinating our team sports for seven years. He has recently announced this is his last season. He is leaving for Liberty School of Law in August. Making team rosters, finding coaches and running the programs is no easy task. Bennett has grown in his role as a servant and leader.Liz and Read more →

Supporting Pastors in Controversial Times

We live in a day and time where standing for Biblical absolute truth is more and more controversial to many. Our position and Christian belief system is often called “hate speech” by the liberal progressive mindset. I saw it again recently in the Dallas Morning News, where a writer accused Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of FBC Dallas, of “posing a danger to the safety of a large segment of the Dallas population”.It is an amazing time to be a Gospel preacher. I want to encourage you to be a support to your pastor. How can you do that?1. Pray for Read more →

Why We Must Remember

“A civilization without a memory ceases to be civilized. A civilization without history ceases to have identity. Without identity there is no purpose; without purpose civilization will wither.” Michael KammenIt’s Memorial Day weekend. Monday should remind us of some things we dare not forget.America is exceptional and many have paid the highest price for our freedom. There are two words I want to remind us to think about today:FreedomResponsibilityThese two go together. Freedoms we enjoy in America are fantastic but they are not free. We are all responsible. This land is about the people, not the government. WE THE Read more →