A Model of Finishing Well

  A few days ago Dr. Dale Patterson, pastor of East Brent Baptist Church in Pensacola, announced his retirement. He will be in the pulpit until December 31.   Brother Dale has been the pastor for 33 years. He has been and is one faithful pastor. He preaches the Word and shepherds the flock. Consistent is the word that comes to my mind. He has been a faithful and persistent man of God. He has lead EBBC in growth and expansion and along the way he has exemplified to the community how to walk by faith when tragedy comes. He Read more →

It’s the Little Things

In my Wednesday night young men’s small group we came to the topic of cherishing and nourishing our wives. In our application we made a list of things to do this week:            1. Tell her “I love you”. 2. Write a personal note. 3. Help around the house with work/kids etc. 4. Laugh together. 5. Plan a date. Maybe see the movie The Song, which opens tonight in Pensacola. 6. Think about a simple gift to give her. Yes, these are little things. But they can go a long way in making marriage better!       Read more →

The Dangers of Amendment 2

    Today I am sharing a portion of an editorial written by Jay Dennis, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church at the Mall in Lakeland, Florida. He has penned a strong statement about the dangers of Florida Amendment 2, the legalization of medical marijuana. As a pastor, I desire to demonstrate compassion, mercy, and love as I deal with people, especially those who are in pain. The heart of our Savior and our faith is compassion, both possessing it and sharing it with those who are hurting. The spirit, however, that drives me to demonstrate compassion is the same Read more →

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

  Friday, October 10 was my wife’s birthday.  We celebrated by having lunch with Rachel, Bennett, and Katherine.  And, of course, what would a party be without coming as clowns to our pastoral staff costume party?  It was a really fun day.                                                                                                                   Read more →

The Difference Three Minutes a Day Can Make

We need churches and America to do a 180 turn. It is time to repent from our lukewarm and rebellious ways. To aid us in this I am asking you to join me for 180 seconds of prayer each day for revival. That is three minutes. My suggestion is that you pray for three minutes at sunset or sunrise. Pray for a 180 revival in your life, church and nation. Lord, let it begin in me. This idea comes from the heart and desk of our SBC President Dr. Ronnie Floyd. I find it to be a great beginning point. Will you Read more →