What Mark DeMoss Taught Me About Social Media

 This week I had the privilege of meeting Mark DeMoss. He provides primary public relations counsel and strategic planning to a number of prominent Christian ministries.In his speech DeMoss gave some striking perspectives on the use of social media and stressed that, to an organization or individual, PR is everything.While there are many positives to using social media and is an effective means to share the Gospel, he listed five cautions for followers of Christ as we engage:It can breed a culture of narcissism. In other words, life becomes all about you.It can tempt bad behavior. Tapping out words without thinking Read more →

Thank You, Brother Eugene

Eugene Steele has been a part of the Olive staff for thirty-three years. He worked in education, senior adults and pastoral ministry. Last week he informed me it was time to step down. He will be sorely missed.Olive members and many others have known his gentle visit and prayers in a hospital room. When you think of a servant, you think of Brother Gene.Alongside Eugene has been his wife Judy. Together they have had a ministry to seniors at Olive. During our 100 year celebration in 1994 Judy authored a book about the history of Olive, At the Heart of Read more →

So…What About Reveal Parties?

Leo Caldwell had an opinion article on March 28 in the Pensacola News Journal, The Dangers in Gendering Children. The title led me to read.The first line begins with a description of Caldwell as a transgender parent. The transman discusses the disturbing consistency the writer finds in the differences between boys and girls. Most of the commentary has to do with unfair stereotypes of boys and girls and one being easier to raise than the other. Then comes the conversation the writer tells of having with the toddler in the transman’s home. Here is the paragraph.My kid is a toddler Read more →

I Am A Baptist But…

On Palm Sunday night Olive co-hosted with Pastor Joey Rogers and Pace Assembly the United In Prayer gathering. It was a wonderful evening. Several church leaders and congregations came together to call out to the Lord for forgiveness and spiritual awakening. If you take God out of the equation, this was a great night of public relations for the churches of our area. We came together. Being united is a good thing in the church.However, when you factor the sovereign Lord into the meeting you have koinonia. There was spiritual fellowship. There was unity of intercession. It is good and Read more →

Well Done, Congressman!

 Congressman Jeff Miller released the announcement on Thursday that he would not seek reelection this fall. He has been the Florida District 1 Representative in the US House for the past fifteen years. He and his dear wife Vickie are members at Olive. You can read much about his work in Florida and most recently in Congress. His love and work for veterans is impressive. Many accolades have and will continue to come his way.But I would like to share another perspective. Jeff Miller loves the Lord Jesus. He is a student of Scripture. I have traveled with him on Read more →