Where Compassion and Obedience Collide

President Obama referenced the Bible in his Thursday evening speech on immigration. He spoke of Scripture, telling us “you shall not oppress a stranger.” The president did not tell us where it was found. Exodus 22:21 and Exodus 23:9 use this language. The Lord is speaking to Israel reminding them they were once strangers in Egypt and should not now oppress those strangers among them.   As with most issues in policy matters there are two sides. The first speaks of acceptance and kindness to the immigrant. No oppression. The other side is that of Romans 13:1 and being obedient Read more →

What Reflects the Priorities of Our Hearts?

Giving! It is Stewardship Month at Olive. We are studying giving in connection groups and in my morning worship service messages. The last six weeks of the year are days when people normally think of giving. The holidays and year-end planning puts this on our minds. In addition we are in the RELAUNCH building campaign at Olive. Jesus spoke often of money. The use of it seems to reflect the priorities of our heart. Seek first the Kingdom of God. Ministry needs funding. Here are a few things to remember concerning the place of money in our lives: 1. God Read more →

Do You Remember Middle School?

Today’s guest post is by Chris Reeser, Olive’s Middle School Director.  He is sharing about their struggles and why they need prayer more now than ever.                           I remember Ransom Middle School in the early 90’s. I can still remember the smell of the cafeteria – fried chicken every Wednesday and chicken nuggets every Friday. In the cafeteria, the students sat at round tables while the teachers sat on the stage keeping an ever vigilant eye on the students. MC Hammer and The New Kids on the Block Read more →

Learning to Discern the Truth

This month our focus turns toward the RELAUNCH capital campaign. The purpose of this vital project is to raise funding for a new middle school building. Today I have asked John Lowe, Olive’s Education Team Leader, to write a guest post about today’s middle school students: who they are and what they think. We must invest in their future.                            Middle school students are in transition. They are not quite adults but are taking on responsibilities of adulthood for the first time. They are programmed to question everything Read more →


November 2 is the beginning date for the commitment phase of our coming Relaunch Capital Campaign. The target is to construct a new Middle School Ministry building and Fellowship Hall. In the next 6 weeks our leadership team is asking the church family to prayerfully consider your part in the effort. This will be a commitment for 3 years over and above your regular tithe giving. We will make our commitments on DEC 7. Vision Gathering Sunday is NOV 2. On that day our Connection Groups will cluster together. Make sure to find out where your group is meeting. The information Read more →