Pastoral Concussions

There is much talk and concern about concussions in football. Grateful for the emphasis in a game I loved to play and enjoy following. All the chatter about this mental difficulty has caused me to think a little tongue in cheek. There are pastoral concussions when pastors keep banging their heads against certain ministry walls. What are those walls? Here are a few causes of ministry concussion.1. Churches that will not follow godly leadership 2. Churches that say they want to reach a community but will take no action.3. Stingy churches that will not invest in ministry.4. Staff members that Read more →

Thoughts on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Opinions on the current Syrian refugee crisis, in light of the Paris bombing and other recent terrorist attacks, has dominated the news and social media this week. There are valid arguments regarding the security of our nation and a tragic humanitarian situation. I have read many articles and op-eds on the matter. But perhaps my friend, Ben Schettler, founder of Ask or Think Ministries, says it best. With his permission, I am sharing his concise, thoughtful Facebook post from earlier this week:I am not a racist or less of a Christian because I think the Syrian refugee situation is more nuanced Read more →

It’s All About Teamwork!

                  Today at Olive our staff worked together for on a church project. We assembled 1000 packets for the December 13th HOME FOR CHRISTMAS night. That evening we are asking families to worship at home by using the devotional we have prepared. Have a family prayer time. And then do an outreach project. We have place five Christmas Eve invitation cards in the packet. We want you to invite your neighbors to join us. More about that in days to come. This morning for 20 minutes we had a goal. We focused our energy on a unified task. We worked hard. We Read more →

Preliminary Report from Vision 25 Team

   During my Sunday morning message Vision 25 chairman Jeremy Wyatt gave a preliminary report of the work the team is doing. They are prayerfully discussing possible direction for the future of Olive. While subject to change and addition, this is the report as it is today.Here is the information he shared with us.Possible expansion of worship sitesA focused prayer strategyDevelopment of a clear discipleship pathwayLeveraging technology for evangelism and ministryPensacola’s college campuses outreachExamining an Olive-backed schoolProfessional counseling ministryI am grateful for the commitment of this team. Continue to pray as they meet and seek God’s direction in the months ahead Read more →

October 31st: Three Thoughts

Tomorrow is Saturday Oct 31. This date is a marker of various thoughts. I share three of them today.1. Reformation Day. This is the day in 1517 when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the castle door in Wittenberg. He wrote in Latin and simply wanted to begin a dialogue. However, students took the document and had it copied. The Gutenberg Press was the Twitter of its day. The writing of Luther sparked the beginning fire of the Reformation. Thus ,Oct 31 is Reformation Day. The just shall live by faith. Christians are saved by faith in Christ alone Read more →