Let Grace and Love Heal Wounds That Run Deep

  Today I am sharing a post from the website of Dr. Ronnie Floyd, my dear friend and Southern Baptist Convention President.  He is passionate about tearing down the walls of racism and dialoging to find ways to bring about true reconciliation. Along with several other pastors and leaders in the SBC, I signed and support this declaration.   The Wounds Run Deep: Racism and Injustice Must End and Let Grace and Love Begin   Under deep conviction by the Holy Spirit that I must do something as a Christian, a pastor, and as the current President of the Southern Baptist Read more →

I Love My Team

Today the Olive staff family had our annual Christmas brunch. As you can see, we had a great meal, followed by fun interactive games lead by John Lowe.                                                                                                                                                   Read more →

RELAUNCH: Touching the Future as One

Today’s guest post is written by my executive assistant Beth Harris.  She has served as the point person between lay leadership and our staff team during the RELAUNCH  capital campaign. As we enter the closing hours of the project, I asked Beth to share how she has seen God work to grow and prepare us for the work ahead. For fifteen years I have had the extraordinary privilege of serving at Olive Baptist as executive assistant to Pastor Traylor. In addition to daily ministry, our office has coordinated two national SBC programs, special projects, and dozens of local evangelism events. Exhausting, Read more →

Happy Birthday Bennett!

                      December 2nd is an important and exciting day at the Traylor home. Twenty-nine years ago today Liz and I welcomed our son Bennett into this world. He joined his big sister Rachel and we grew together. Raising a family is not easy but it is fun. And I believe FUN is a very important word in family life. Here are a few thoughts on this issue regarding family: 1. Learn to laugh. 2. Do memory-making stuff like camping, games, movies or whatever works! 3. Establish family traditions- our adult Read more →

A Word on Smart Selfishness

Today I am sharing a repost of an eye-opening word on gratitude.  Dr. Kevin Elko is one of my favorite motivational writers.  Check out his website here. We use the word “selfish” as if it is always a bad word but that connotation is not accurate; being selfish is sometimes very good. There are smart selfish acts one can do: taking time to be quiet and peaceful can be a very smart selfish act. Setting boundaries with others is another very smart selfish act. But I do not think there is a more powerful selfish act as taking time to be Read more →