Leo Day, Hurricane Katrina, and a Church Forever Changed

You cannot watch the news this weekend without seeing the ten year anniversary footage of Hurricane Katrina. The Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi were changed forever by the storm. But not everything was negative.Dr. Leo Day was helping us at Olive for the Sundays in August 2005 while we looked for an interim Minister of Music. I shall never forget the look on his face or his question to me as the storm approached. “Pastor, what should I do?”  There was no way he could get back to New Orleans. And after the storm his house on the campus Read more →

Thank You, Tobi

Tomorrow will be Tobi Detzler’s last day on the Olive Baptist staff. She has done an outstanding job serving as our apologetics coordinator, initiating discipleship classes, conferences, and making a major contribution to the School of Tyrannus ministry. Her husband Kurt will be transferred back to their home state of Michigan, and they are excited to start a new chapter of their lives with extended family. This morning Tobi sent our staff team a touching farewell email. I asked her permission to share an edited version on my blog today. Her words exhibit a heart thankful for how the people of Olive Baptist Read more →

Coaches and Chaplains and the First Amendment

It is almost time for college football and Christian coaches and chaplains find themselves on the receiving end of controversy. University of Georgia Coach Mark Richt is coming under attack for raising money for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The cry is a state employee should not help a religious organization. Others have written and made a public outcry against Auburn for having a Christian chaplain. The naysayers are coming out of the woodwork, claiming the separation clause in the 1st Amendment prohibits public institutions from “promoting” a religion.We are in a war for the Constitution and soul of America. The Read more →

Why Reconnection is Important

Reconnect Sunday was a big day at Olive! Best attendance in connection groups since the 2008 high attendance push. Choir was full. Response to the invitation was incredible. God was at work in a place called Olive. Churches need new beginnings and the fall is a good time for that. What is involved? ConfessionI need the church and the church needs me. Connection I need other Christians. Community I need the family of faith. ChristHE is Lord and I need Him. Reconnection is not just a one Sunday thing. It can happen at any time. But, if you have been Read more →

Lessons Learned While Listening

Last week I attended a community forum “The Engagement of Law Enforcement and Education Within the Minority Community.” This meeting at the Pensacola Library on Spring Street and was a social media driven event. While they were invited, the gathering was not called by public officials, but rather by concerned citizens. The crowd was seemingly made up of Escambia citizens and a few outsiders. My guess is 150-200 people attended, with 98% being African-American. I decided to attend to gather information regarding the issue of black students and arrests. I have had concerns since I read in our local paper Read more →