Upward Marriage

Yesterday in our staff meeting we were discussing several topics.  At one moment it was marriage and the next our sports program.  Someone combined the two thoughts and asked about ‘Upward Marriage.”  We had a big laugh, but it left me thinking about the excellence both should have in common: 1. Team work: Sure, there are moments of individual greatness and cheering each other on. But the end game is to come together and play as one. 2. Integrity: Play honestly.  Keep your promises. 3. Play selflessly: You live for your mate. You look to meet their needs and not get your own Read more →

Not a Season But a Lifestyle

Pastor, do Southern Baptists practice the season of Lent? This question comes to me each year. Our Catholic friends, along with mostly Anglicans, Episcopalians and some other religious groups, participate in this period leading to Easter. It is a season of prayer, penitence, sacrifice, fasting and good works. The reasons our denomination does not corporately recognize or participate is basically two fold:   1. Nowhere in the Bible do we find this season mentioned. 2. The idea of Lent is not a season but rather a lifestyle. With that said let me make a few observations: 1. A special designated period Read more →

An Outline for Praying for Revival

    Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of leading several prayer gatherings for pastors. In these meetings I lead the participants in a time of intercession regarding personal matters and a call for revival in our churches and in the nation. I always leave encouraged.   Would you join me in a commitment to prayer? Here is an outline you might use:   1. Praise. Spend time hallowing the name of the Lord. Sing, exalt, and rejoice.   2. Confession. Read Psalm 51 and bring your sin before the Lord. Ask for forgiveness and claim Read more →

Why the Truth Matters

Brian Williams, anchor for NBC Nightly News, is taking a beating in the press and on social media. In days gone by he has been caught in self-aggrandizement of the facts in his experiences covering the war zone in Iraq. He called this and other misstatements a “fog of memory.” In an age of sensationalized headlines and the pressure to “one up” people with breaking news, there is no doubt the temptation to embellish the facts. But every story is just one Google click away from being proven or disproven. And integrity, which takes many years to build, can crash Read more →

What Does Real Change Require?

  Yesterday the news broke that Johnny Manziel, known as “Johnny Football, is entering a rehab facility. Recently he has not been known for his outstanding skills or contribution to the Cleveland Browns, but for a wild, partying lifestyle.  His behavior has been well documented. But this is not the time for criticism. It is a time to encourage change. The media has quoted the quarterback as saying he wants to be a “better family member, friend and teammate.”  And while his motivation may be questioned, I take him at his word.  Everyone deserves a second chance to make a better Read more →