The One Thing Southern Baptists Must Do Better

As I left the annual meeting/family reunion of Southern Baptists, I have one message resonating that was prevailing in the convention.

We have more churches than ever before, but we are trending downward in baptisms.

There were many positive reports and actions in our meeting. We made thoughtful statements on various topics. Yet, we are reaching fewer people still. The population in America continues to rise, but the number of baptisms is declining.

I left Phoenix with good feelings on several fronts. The commissioning of new foreign missionaries was stirring. Getting the resolution done on the alt right racial sin was good. I am encouraged about the Cooperative Program giving. But to know we have more money, more churches and more of a population to reach while we baptize less should disturb us all.

Jesus gave us a great commission that must begin in our hometowns (Pensacola for me). May the Lord cause our hearts to burn with the Gospel!


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