Celebrating God’s Call in the Lives of Others

God calls men and women to many roles in life.  However, it troubles me sometimes when we fail to rejoice over fellow Christians who are called to become doctors, teachers, and countless other vocations. Historically, as a church body, we have not done a good job of recognizing believers whose call is found in the “secular” work environment. Yet we must urge our young people to seek God’s call on their life in this matter.

Ordination of Josh Branum
Ordination of Josh Branum

Branum Wedding
The Wedding of Josh and Lacey Branum

One place we do a good job of affirming and celebrating is the call of a young man to the Gospel ministry. This was the case on Sunday evening as we ordained Josh Branum. This outstanding young man grew up in Pace. He came to Olive as a college student. He worked as an intern under the tutelage of Dr. Stan Lewis.  He is now a student at Southeastern Seminary and has recently become the youth minister at a local church in North Carolina. At  5:00 p.m.  a large group of ordained men gathered for the ordination council. Josh did a super job of answering questions and confirming his call. Then in the evening service we prayed over Josh and Lacey as his ordination was completed. Josh has a keen mind and I am looking for great things out of this young man.

This week our high school students are at camp. Often during this time God does a confirming work in the hearts of students regarding their career path. It is important for a young Christian to find God’s call in his/her life. When they walk in the ways of the Lord, let’s celebrate with them and encourage them in the journey.

Pastor Ted Traylor

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