March 5, 2013

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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There are times flying can be a hassle. Weather issue, delays, and just getting through security can make traveling stressful.  But yesterday’s flight was one of the most enjoyable I’ve had in years. Here’s why:
  • Sat next to a cornerback from U Conn who will be drafted by the NFL.  Fascinating talk.
  • Congressman Miller on the plane. Prayed over him and two of his congressmen friends before the next flight.
  • Three Olive Baptist members were on the flight. It was great having one-on-one conversation with each one. Reminded me of the outstanding people who are part of our church family.
My destination yesterday was Syracuse, New York.  Pastor Bruce Aubrey and Northside Baptist have a deep conviction and commitment to encouraging and equipping pastors in the Northeast. This morning I was honored to be part of their annual statewide conference. There were 275 people from churches from several states in attendance. Their stories always encourage me. These faithful churches labor in places with hard ground. Yet God is doing a work. Tomorrow is Olive’s monthly First Wednesday Prayer Time.  Join me at noon in the chapel as we intercede for our nation.

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  1. Pastor, it never ceases to amaze me how small this world really is. We have come across people that we know even in Alaska. It also reminds me that people are watching us even when we are not aware. Some speak and want to have a conversation while you find out other’s tell their friends and it gets back to me that they saw me in the Atlanta airport or Disney World.

    At all times we must be people of strong character, integrity and faith.
    One slip up like showing anger over a situation and we can kill our witness. We have to chose each morning that we will be the salt and light even under difficult circumstances. I am so far from perfect and need help daily, but at least I am trying.
    So blessed to have you as my shepherd.
    Renee Bullard

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