June 1, 2010

With Or Without Storms

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Today is June 1. And if you live along the Gulf Coast you know that means Hurricane Season 2010 is officially open. Here is what one writer says about it. The experts are predicting a busier-than-usual hurricane season for 2010. These early forecasts, however, will likely be modified depending on the evolving climactic conditions. If the early forecasts prove to be accurate, the 2010 hurricane season will stand in sharp contrast to the relatively mild 2009 season. Special concerns in 2010 are whether a hurricane will hit the already-devastated island of Haiti and how a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico would affect the giant oil slick created by the explosion on the BP offshore driling platform. Another question is whether a hurricane will come ashore in the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama coastal areas, some of which have not yet recovered from 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. The storms that have touched our region in the past few years have shaped us in many ways at Olive. One of the driving forces in turning my mind to the ministry village concept is what we did in Disaster Relief during storm days. The Lord spoke into my heart that we do not need storms to find needs to meet from various disasters in people’s lives. And that kind of service opens doors for the Gospel. So for the next six months we will be watching and prepared to help if needed. However, we have ministry to do every day with or without storms. Pastor Ted Traylor

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