January 22, 2013

When You’re On The Other Side

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Today in America we awaken to the second term of President Obama. Washington DC was alive yesterday with the inauguration festivities. Today it is off and running. When the President was elected, he had a very liberal voting record as a senator. America knew what he stood for. Our country no doubt has moved to the progressive left. Many things have factored into this move. A new generation educated in liberal universities now are moving into leadership roles at home and work, in entertainment and the government. However, there is one other place we must face this new liberalism. That is in the church. There is a broad segment of the American church is very left leaning. For example, listen to the inaugural benediction.  And many people have left the church altogether. So, if you find yourself on the other side of the ideological movement in America, what should you do? 1.      Pray. And begin for the President and others in authority. 2.      Be involved. Have a voice and support those with whom you share the same values and Biblical principles. 3.      Keep the Gospel light burning in your church. 4.      Be involved in social justice. Care for others and show it. 5.      Raise a godly family. New leaders will come from the next generation. 6.      Talk with a liberal and make a friend. You will enjoy this! 7.      Don’t be mean and post factless dribble on Facebook and Twitter. 8.      Believe God for and work prayerfully for a spiritual awakening in the US. This is the answer.

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  1. Good word…especially number 7. I am constantly amazed at the stuff we say and then wonder why people don’t like us.

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