October 19, 2012

When Setbacks Happen

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It is hard to believe the Charis House Ministry at Olive has been in place for more than five years. Sunday night we will celebrate our next graduation. This is always a highlight service.

In the midst of victories we do have set backs. Recently we lost one of our ladies to relapse. It is always heart breaking. Yet we learn to regroup and persist.

Let me remind you of some action steps to take when you have disappointment in your life.

1. Remember God is faithful
2. Do not receive condemnation. You are free in Christ.
3. When we fail and confess sin God forgives
4. Jesus is the master of new beginnings!


  1. Thanks for those “action steps” when we meet “bumps” in the road. Good reminder where my strength comes from. :-)

  2. IT is Disappointing when someone, whom so many people depend upon relapses, but God is still King and is still on the throne and HE WILL BE GLORIFIED IN ALL THINGS even this! Glad she has submitted to yet another treatment center and where she can focus on the King of Kings more than herself. If there is anything I can do please feel free to contact me: 406-475-2795

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