December 17, 2012

We Have Choices to Make

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America changed on December 14 in Newtown CT. The faces of children who were murdered have left a deep impression on America’s soul. Many are looking for action to take and answers to give. What had brought us to this kind of culture in America? I see a culture of death that has developed among us. It did not happen overnight. It is not the fault of one group or one person. We all own this. For this is our nation. The culture of death is one that has dismissed God and moral authority from our ranks. We are the captain of our own ship. Without moral authority greater than ourselves, we need not be surprised when all hell breaks loose among us. We have problems in several places:
  • Homes:  Abuse, divorce, and a lack of teaching right and wrong all have a part.
  • Churches:  Liberal churches that doubt the Word of God and conservative churches that care more for rules than grace both have a part.
  • Schools:  God has been expelled. Teaching is man- centered. Teach a child he comes from a monkey and he will act like an animal.
  • Hollywood:  Movies and television targeted at young people and celebrate violence, vampires, and sexual immorality is part of the problem.
All of this involves people. We have choices to make. The world view we develop is at the heart of the issue. A world view that says no to God and moral authority dominates America. Tolerance is the rule of the day. Only when our nation returns to God will we see the culture turn. Until then Newtown will only be news until the next terror. We are reaping what we have sown.


  1. You said that teaching a child that he comes from a monkey will cause him to act like an animal. Evolution has been taught in school for many, many years now and millions of students have been taught this theory. If your point is correct, then most of Americans would have not have responded to this massacre with outrage – but with approval or indifference. Isn’t it interesting that even though the majority are taught they came from a monkey, they responded with moral outrage?

  2. Tolerance is the issue, except when it comes to the one true and living God, Jehovah-Jesus. Then tolerance is out. As long as God is rejected, death is the normal. Thanks Pastor Ted for your “right-on” comments.

  3. I’d love to witness you quoting that to a joint session of congress.

  4. Amen! I find myself drawing parallels to the philosophies of the 19th-Century German athiest, Nietzsche. He essentially felt that if man could “kill” God, and rid itself of religion, then society and man itself would be liberated from the chains of objective morality. He posited that only in the absence of this oppression could the “new man” thrive. Surely we are seeing this “new man” today.

    No, they have not “killed God;” however, they have essentially removed Him from the public square. Beleif in Theism today is ultimatley seen in acedemia as a sort of gaffe, and many have lost their jobs for proposing ideas (for example in science) that pointed to the idea of a creator (Guillermo Gonzalez, who wrote “The Privledged Planet” was fired from Iowa State for his religous views).

    If morality is truly not objective, or doesnt have an objective frame of reference, where does this leave us? Well, in a word, it would leave us where Nietzsche concluded: in a world without meaning (Nihilism). Thank God that morality DOES come from Him. Even the water knows the truth—ALexander Pople said, “The Water saw its master and BLUSHED!!!” and then in the Word of God, “I am the Way, the TRUTH, and the LIFE….” This is undisputed.

    Many are addressing gun control or mental health…this is the easy way out. The truth of the matter and the real problem is in morality and in the heart of men. That being said, Before I sign off, I leave with a quote from the great apologist CS Lewis, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.”

  5. I think this hits the nail on the head. Dr. Spock needs see the result of his teaching. I never believed in timeouts.

  6. Thank you for stating this so clearly. I remember taking Bible classes in High School, now the teachers cannot even have a Bible on their desk!

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