March 14, 2014

We Have an Evangelism Problem

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Southern Baptists have an evangelism problem. It is a crisis. If our money was in the same decline as our baptisms, we would be in crisis prayer and work mode.

Yet we sleep. In 2012 the reporting churches in the SBC gave some frightening numbers:

25% reported no baptisms.

60% reported no youth baptisms

80% reported 0-1 baptisms age 18-29.

America is ripe for harvest. More than ever before, Americans say they are not Christian. Those with no religious affiliation has grown from 8 to 15 % since 1990.  And we know that many who call themselves Christian are not followers of Jesus but rather just religious. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. We must be sharing the Gospel. We must be praying for revival.

The harvest is ripe but the church is asleep. God help us with awakening!


1 Comment

  1. As usual, insightful, focused and spot on. We are in the struggle of our lives – to turn the people of God back to Missionary in behavior people stocked about Redemption His Story that is our story. As usual, dead on, blessings

    Cecil W. Seagle

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