March 1, 2013

Ways to Impact a Student

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Last night I was on the campus of UWF. Tony Olesky leads the Baptist Campus Ministry. He invited me out from time to time to speak to the students. I am always encouraged to be there. There is great passion for Jesus in the group. They take missions seriously. It is a good work. I am always reminded that a VAST mission field is just up the road from the Olive campus. The University of West Forida is a growing school. We must do a better job of impacting the people coming here for education. HOW?
  • Support the Baptist campus ministry
  • Adopt a student
  • Prayer walk the campus sometime
  • Be involved in campus activates
  • Attend a sporting event
Relationships are BIG. Get to know a student. Invest in his or her life. Ask God to show you how.

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  1. If I may add an option to the list, another option to impact students would be to teach, to become a professor. Obviously, this is not for just anyone, but we all know there is a great need today for Christian professors in our colleges.

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