March 27, 2009

Thursday Think Tank

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I spent Thursday in Atlanta with leaders in the Evangelism Division at NAMB. It was a think tank meeting with 12 other people from across America in the Southern Baptist Convention. We had directors of missions, evangelism directors, evangelists and others in the meeting. I was the lone pastor. We discussed how outreach events can be used in the local church for evangelism. It was a very productive day for me and I think for the entire group.

We use events for evangelism at Olive. What we must remember is that the event is only evangelism if the Gospel is shared clearly and an opportunity is given for people to respond to the Gospel is some fashion. We have a great evangelism event coming up April 14 when Denver Moore comes to Olive. This summer we will host Vacation Bible School. This one of the best evangelism events we have as Baptists. Baptisms are down across the Southern Baptist Convention. We must do a better job of sharing the Good News. I realize that it all begins with the pastor. If he is not sharing one on one he will never lead the church to do it corporately. I had a good Gospel conversation on the plane on the way home from the evangelism Think Tank. You see, we must do more that think about it. Pastor Ted Traylor

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