June 12, 2012

Thoughtfully Cast Your Vote in November

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We are almost half way through June. That means the Supreme Court will be handing down the health care bill decision in the next 18 days.

This will be a big day for America. In brings to mind my response to the many who ask me how to vote in the coming presidential election. For me the big decision is which candidate will nominate people who are the most in line with my feelings regarding the future of America.

Presidents do many things positive and negative in 4 or 8 years. But those they put forward to serve on the High Court leave their legacy in place for years to come.

Be thoughtful.

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  1. The decision that came down regarding Health Care legislation does not adhere to the Constitution. However it is a clear message to all who will hear that they need to decide in which direction this nation will go. That choice will be made in November. This is very bad legislation that was crammed down the throats of the people of this nation. We must come out in droves to vote for those legislators and for a Presidential candidate that will give us an opportunity to overturn this law.

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