July 3, 2012

The Power of a Good Story

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Andy Griffith died today at age 86. Baby boomers grew up watching the old black and white series from the town of Mayberry.

Andy-always got Barney out of trouble and lied almost every time to do it.

Barney-the deputy with a gun and one bullet.

Aunt B-the lovable lady who kept the home fires burning.

Gomer- the mechanic who could sing.

Otis- the town drunk who made us laugh as he checked into the jail every Saturday night.

Earnest T.Bass-redneck from the hills who came to town and could throw rocks.

Opie-Yes..I have been called this many times. I had the haircut and the freckles.

So do you think the media/TV has any impact on us? WOW! There is power in a good story.

The greatest story ever told is the Gospel. God help us tell it with passion so people always remember!


  1. Paster, you are so very right, this show had a value and a moral with every story. Andy will be missed in many ways. We need more men like him.

  2. I understand the name calling. I was called Lucy & Little Annie. I too grew up with red hair & freckles. Still have those freckles however, the red has turned to RAY (red & gray). My 10 year old daughter and I still watch the show. We giggle a lot together and wish we lived in those days. Some of the episodes have opened up wonderful conversations for us. The show also makes me step on the front portch and look in. Am I being the Christian parent I should be? Am I being the loving neighbor I should be? And, am I leaving a legacy Jesus would approve of? We Christians (& we red/gray heads) need to stick together for the Glory of Christ!

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