August 1, 2012

The Importance of Touching Our Past

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From 1959-1966 my wife grew up in Toccoa, Georgia. Yesterday Liz and I spent the day there. We visited First Baptist Church where she was baptized (In fact, I have the communion table from that old church in my office. It was a wedding present from one of her friends).

We then had lunch with four of her classmates from middle school days. I heard funny stories (and some lies I think!), saw some tears and watched old friends reconnect. It was a great day for Liz. She visited the clinic her dad started. We drove by her childhood home. Very enjoyable day!

What did I learn?

1. Childhood memories are important.

2. The past can be overcome.

3. Churches must change to touch each generation.

4. Spending time with your wife is important. To shut up and listen is often good.

5. Cities must evolve or die.

6. History is powerful- do not ignore it.


  1. Touching!

  2. You make “teaching” an art form—–so many lessons in your observations!!!

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