November 19, 2010

The Baptist Ship is Turning

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I have read with interest the GCR business done this fall in many state Baptist conventions. Dr. Johnny Hunt’s heart was to encourage Baptists to move resources from the most reached areas of our world to most unreached and underserved. That is at the core of state conventions moving to 50/50 with Cooperative Program monies. I am happy to see states wrestling with this concept. Some are taking actions that are not easy. The funds come primarily from fourteen old line conventions. Some of them are adjusting budgets to get more resources beyond their state lines. As this happens, NAMB and IMB will gain resources to expand our mission work. I have said it over and over: the Baptist ship does not move quickly. But when it moves it makes impact. I believe it is a good thing that the Baptist boat is turning. Now we must see churches step up in CP giving. For years it was said some would not give because of theological issues. Steps were taken to solve this issue in the Conservative Resurgence. Following that battle some said the states were keeping too much and they would not give until more was sent to the unreached and underserved. Now we are tackling that issue. My plea with pastors is to look at what you can do with greater CP giving. If the states can move more beyond state lines, then we need to send more beyond city limits. As 2011 arrives we are spending 40 days at Olive seeking God for revival. This is the key issue for Southern Baptists. We need a fresh wind from heaven. That will solve turf wars and money problems. I am hopeful! Pastor Ted Traylor

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