May 25, 2012

Thank You to Cindy Segreto

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In any church the guy up front gets much of the attention. However, if he does not have a group of servants to serve with he will not be very successful. Today we honored to one of the best at Olive.

Cindy Segreto has served at Olive for almost fifteen years. Her work in the pastoral ministries office has been outstanding.

She has suffered with serious health issues for some time. I listened at her retirement luncheon as her co-workers spoke about her hard work, team spirit, positive attitude and diligent labor.

Cindy and her husband Tony are servants and what makes Olive work. She will be greatly missed in our office.


  1. Cindy was extremely nice and helpful to all of us lowly interns. Thank you Mrs. Cindy!

  2. Oh Pastor, this makes me sad to hear of her retirement; but thankful I had an opportunity to know her! On a funny note, when I worked for Dave Corson, she and Kathy Carpenter decided to pull my leg . . . . told me she has come a long way from “table top dances!” I believed. They got a good laugh . . . . and all these years later, it still brings a smile to my face! Great memories and great friends at Olive Baptist Church. Much love Cindy and will be praying for you!

  3. Josh and I were talking about her just last night! Mrs. Cindy will be missed GREATLY! Such a hard worker and sweet, sweet person!!! Thank you for everything Mrs. Cindy! Enjoy your retirement! :)

  4. Such a wonderful, Godly lady! She was always there to assist in every way possible. I will miss you sweet lady. Best of everything to you and Tony.

  5. Cindy’s sweet spirit and great smile will be certainly missed.

  6. Just want to wish Cindy well and thank her for all the help she was to me every time I called or e-mailed her for anything. God Bless! You will be missed…

  7. Cindy is one of the greatest Christians I know. I was honored to have worked with her at Olive and she was the best at keeping me organized and where I needed to be. I will miss not seeing her around the office when I come to work there in a few days. May the Lord bless you Cindy – Olive is a better place because of your faithful ministry.

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