July 24, 2012

Take Aways from Penn State Ruling

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We are forty days from college football season. And forty days out comes the NCAA ruling on Penn State. They did not give the death penalty but PSU has one foot in the grave. It was a strong judgment against a program that has been seen as one of the good guys in college sports.

I love college football. I hate to see this turn of events. How quickly things can turn when covered up truth is revealed.

Here are some take aways for me:

1. Leadership carries responsibility.

2. Do the right thing even when good friends are involved.

3. Descriptors can be deceiving. HAPPY VALLEY is not happy today.

4. Pay attention to children. They MUST be protected.

5. Statues don’t mean much.


  1. Pastor, great points. It is so sad to see coaches elevated to a level of worship. As much as I love college football, I will not and have not ever thought any coach was above reproach. As good a coach as Joe Paterno was, he failed as a man. Children have to be protected no matter what. Our society has so many issues that are important instead of children. Bravo to you for speaking the truth. My only other thought is that I would hope if it had been my son involved someone who have stepped up to help him. Nobody stepped up to help these boys. My dad always said that children are an investment. If you invest time and love your return will be imeasurable.

  2. This is definitely one of the most heart wrenching tragedies of late. I agree that children should be protected at all cost. They are a heritage of the Lord. Glad to see that Penn State is not simply overlooking this as in the past.

  3. Thank you Dr. Traylor for taking a stand. I have never been a big fan of Joe Paterno. Several years ago the President and Athletic Director of Penn State went to the Paternao home to ask him to retire or resign. My understanding is that these two men, who were his supervisors, were shown the door. No man is too big to be fired or let go. What is coming to light is revealing what has been under cover for many years in several areas and not just the Sandusky episode.

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