August 7, 2012

Staying Relevant in a Media Driven World

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In an age of multi-media, social media, mass media, and every type of media one can think of, Olive is always trying to stay out in front of this changing world, which is difficult to do.  In order to grow our media presence we have made some changes to help keep up with the fast-paced world of media.  Allen Farr has been serving on our media staff for some time in the audio field, he is now taking over as our Media Director.  Allen will help to bring our media team together and help us to stay current in reaching the various generations through the variety of media outlets that Olive uses.  Please pray for Allen as he leads the media team and seeks to help us share the Gospel through the numerous media tools we have at our disposal.


  1. prayin’.

  2. I am sure Allen will direct our media dept. very well. I have enjoyed working with Allen in the Media Dept. Olive always have had a great Media Crew . I am grateful for the many volunteers that work with us. It is a privilege to be a part of a great product in our TV Ministry. Many people are being blessed and and the Gospel is being preached around the world. Serving Christ through this ministry. Carl Misner

  3. Excellent choice.

  4. I watched Allen grow up at Olive. He is same age as our son. I have been involved in TV ministry since 1988, and the job is the same, but the methods have changed immensely. Although Allen is very knowledgable in the audio/visual field, I am more impressed with the eyes of his heart. He is obviously sold out. A wonderful young man!

  5. It is a wonderful opportunity to work in the Media ministry. Getting to know Alan and work with him
    is a delight. He listens always with a positive attitude giving you his full attention even when he has lots of things to do. He is an encourager with firm convictions about the ministry. when he gives responsibility, he respects your imput, even if he does not implament all things. He has an attitude of total respect and loyality to His God and for the people he works with.

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