January 29, 2013

Smiles in the Doubts

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Thanks to all of you who asked the last few days about Liz’s mom. This is a hard season for her. Dementia is a cruel diagnosis. Mary has this from time to time. This week Liz was reminding Mary about her son Elliott and the new women in his life. Her mom was delighted to know of this. Then she asked Liz who she was dating. She reminded her Mom that she was married to me. “ Oh yes, that’s right,” Mary said. “ You married the best of them all.” Happy she remembered that! You learn to smile in the midst of difficulty. Jesus gives joy in the valley.  When you find yourself locked in Doubting Castle do not forget the Promise Key in your chest pocket. Keep the promises of God close to your heart and they will unlock the doors of doubt.


  1. We are praying for your family during this time of both great trial and great joy.

  2. God provides grace for each day of our lives…and those are the good days;
    Sometimes grace comes by the hour…and those are the bad days;
    Sometimes grace comes as a constant infusion…and even in those
    days, His grace is sufficient…

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