January 24, 2012

Small Things Make a Difference

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The Super Bowl is set for this year. Giants and Patriots go at it again. This is a great matchup with Eli Manning and Tom Brady at the controls for the two offenses. However, in big games it is normally the defenses and the kicking that wins or costs a team the game. Look at the 49ers last week. A fill-in punt returner turned the ball over two times and now the Giants are in the big game. Eli gets the headlines but an unknown player’s bad day made the difference. That is true in your life today. Many big names get the headlines. However, the small things make the difference. When the water will not work you do not call the mayor. An unknown individual makes the repair and gets the flow going again. Remember, you have a job to do and it makes a difference. Give effort like it is a Super Bowl. It is for someone. beginmyadventure.com

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  1. Good word and great reminder!

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