August 28, 2012

SBC Unity – There’s Work to Do

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On Wednesday and Thursday of this week Dr. Frank Page is convening a non-official committee in Nashville regarding Calvinism. The goal is said to be the crafting of a strategic plan to bring together various groups within the SBC who hold different opinions on the issue. The reason is to develop a strategy to get us to work together in missions and evangelism. The focus of the meetings is said to be practical, not doctrinal in nature. Unity of brothers is a good and pleasant thing according to Psalm 133. Talking to one another rather than about one another is a good step. I pray some good comes from the meetings and dialogue. The Southern Baptist Convention was formed in 1845 for Baptists to come together cooperatively in missions and evangelism. These practices come from our doctrine. They can never be divorced. An understanding of soteriology is essential for cooperation. Anyone who confirms Jesus died for our sins, and not only ours but for the sins of the entire world, is a fellow laborer with me. They may not serve on my staff or use my methods, but we can cooperate within our denomination. If Jesus did not die for all, then we have some more committee work to do.


  1. Dr. Traylor – Are you saying that you cannot cooperate with brothers and sisters who hold to limited atonement? In your opinion is there room for those who hold to all 5 points of calvinism. I am not looking ot debate it with you, I am simply curious to the intent of your post. God bless brother and thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Jack-thanks for reading and asking. My short answer is that limited atonement does not automatically cause a problem and prohibit cooperation. There are some who hold that position that see no need for evangelism. That creates a problem for me. I have friends who hold a limited atonement conviction and remain hot hearted evangelistic Christians. My intent was to encourage this needed dialogue.

  3. Ted, you can imagine the anxiety I have felt over this debate…………I decided…….. Finally, our God is in charge. Romans 10:9 was offered and I accepted. I can study but not understand but I shall trust.

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