January 25, 2013

Post Kidney Stone Report

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Monday through Thursday this week I wrestled with a kidney stone. Third in my life. Glad I passed it at 2:58 PM. A friend sent me an email which made me think. He asked what I would have thought if a Sand Mountain prophet had told me in the 1970’s I would one day pass a stone and then announce it on Twitter and Facebook for all to know. And then I would receive numerous responses telling me about their kidney stone experiences. What a world we live in!  Social media is a powerful thing. Not as powerful as a kidney stone, but pretty strong. To think of the power in a mobile device today is amazing. It can be used for good or evil. Be careful. I did have a lady on the Mountain tell me when I announced my call to preach that God had told her years ago I would do this. She said the Lord told her not to tell me until I made it public. What a powerful voice that was to me. And all without a mobile device! GOD is where the true power is!

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  1. Love this one! Very easy to relate to your message.

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