November 16, 2010

News We Can Use

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We had a great staff meeting this morning at Olive. I lead a prayer time through the Pensacola News Journal. You may want to try this with a local newspaper sometime. We found many friends we know who needed prayer. On the front page alone we found five people we knew and prayed for them. The local section was full of needs. Even the comics turned up some people for whom to intercede . The author of BC is a believer and we want him to have wisdom as he draws the Christmas message cartoon strip. Then we turned to the sports page. Cam Newton was the headline. We prayed for his dad and for him. This had nothing to do with winning and losing but with real needs that people have. Several of our teenagers were in the sports section. We called their names to the Father. You will never read the paper the same if you see it as a place to pray not just to garner news. Pastor Ted Traylor

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  1. What a great idea!! I will try it in the morning!!
    (Another great prayer time is to go through the alphabet with praising who God is ie:
    Amazing, Abba, Beautiful, Bold….. I used to pray this way with friends each calling out a praise of God. Wow)

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