September 14, 2012

My Prayer For America

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On this Friday I have a heavy heart. I watch with many others the news feed from the Middle East. Riots and murder are being reported. The Arab Spring seems to be frozen in winter again. Political pundits try to explain and win points in an election year. It is disgusting. The situation longs for a leader.

Here is my prayer today:

Lord, move us quickly through the next fifty days. Get the elections over. Give a leader who will work with Congress. Give us a Congress that will work with the President. America needs UNITY on the national and international stage.

Lord, cause Americans to repent of arrogance. Put me in that line on my knees.

Lord, teach Americans the USA is more than liberty. It is also responsibility. Make us to be responsible people. Raise up a leader who will not just find fault but be a statesman.


  1. Sir, i truly admire you and your stand for Christ. You and i both know the only chance for change is for the people to change their wicked ways thus falling to their knees and repenting of their sins. I pray for this government. I am disturbed with our leadership as a whole feeling we need to clean house. This will not happen due the fact the people are blinded with ignorance.May God continue to bless you and your leadership.

  2. I had a lengthy discussion with some folks on facebook about the disgraceful way the news pundits tried to portray the death of Christopher Stevens. I am scared to raise my daughter in this world!

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