July 12, 2013

My Friend Leo

It was two weeks ago that my good friend, Dr. Leo Day, shared with me the news of his move to Southwestern Seminary. He is going to be the Dean of the School of Music. This was a sad day for me. For the past eight years Leo and I have worked together to lead Olive in worship. He has been a wonderful platform partner. I cannot thank him enough for all he has brought to the Olive family. Leo and his family will be with us until Sunday, August 11. The past several days I have been in the planning and praying stage for the future of worship at Olive. In the short look we have to prepare for August 12. There will be no one sitting in the Minister of Music’s chair that day. I am putting a plan together. And in the long view we are searching prayerfully for God’s man to come to Olive. I am grateful for those who join me in prayer on this endeavor. It is still hard to believe God sent Leo Day to Olive. Through some eyes a black man from Mississippi and a red-haired preacher from North Alabama is an odd pair. But it was a match engineered by the Lord. Hurricane Katrina was the storm that made this possible. Leo could not go back to New Orleans after helping us for a month. We needed an interim Minister of Music and he fit the bill. He needed a house and we had one. God was at work. What a delightful journey it has been. When I think of his days with us several words come to mind: Excellence Energy Fun Tennis Confidence The Lord’s Prayer Thank you, Leo. Your pastor and friend in Pensacola will miss you.


  1. When I think of Leo and Olive, I think of 2 things: the reading from Psalms during worship and the time he managed to get you in the Grinch costume for the Christmas program. What a blessing Leo has been to Olive

  2. As will we! I am grateful for what time we have been blessed to have been a partaker of the many blessings he has brought to Olive. My only regret is that we didn’t know the blessings we were missing with this unlikely pair sooner!!!
    God bless you Leo Day! You will be missed….We love you <3
    God bless you Pastor as you seek the next phase for Olive. We love you <3
    Praying and believing with you <3

  3. Just as a matter of interest,— I have a red headed son by the name of Greg Traylor, who is pastor of 1st Baptist Church in Beeville, Texas. He is a graduate of Baylor University and Southwestern Seminary.

    Just thought the idea of two unrelated red-headed Traylor preachers is a little unique.
    May God bless you,
    Shelby (Grandad) Traylor

  4. I am a member of Olive, returning here after a horrendous divorce 3 years ago. I must say that, though I understand gods calling and direction, there will be many sad faces when we are not looking up on the alter seeing his smiling face and hearing his GOOOOD MORRRRNINNG CHUUURRRCH….. His spirit emits to everyone around him and his words have touched this heavy heart many, many times over the years and I know god will call him to touch many more thru his ministry. His heart and spirit will always be on the alter at our Olive and we will never be the same because of it. I am sure there will be many people, during many songs, looking up and missing his contagious praising….

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