April 3, 2012

Just Ask

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On Monday afternoon I took about 40 minutes and walked door to door down Whitmire Street. This is the road at Olive back entrance. There I knocked on each door and gave an invitation to Easter services. I try to do this two times a year.

Knowing one’s neighbors is important. You could do this where you live. Extend an invitation to those who live around you. Stats tell us that many will join us at church if we just ask them. Give it a try. This weekend is a great opportunity to love your neighbor and tell your story.

1 Comment

  1. Good idea! I have gone door to door in my neihborhood before and handed out flyers that I made up, spreading the word of God. Some peoplecan be a little intemadating, but you have to keep going because Jesus did so much for us, it is just a drop in the bucket as to what we can do for Him.

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