December 4, 2012

Join Me in Prayer Wednesday

In my message Sunday morning I shared of my conviction that we need to pray more together at Olive. So I have set a time for us to do so. On the first Wednesday of each month at noon I plan to be in the OBC Chapel to pray with anyone who will join me. This is community wide. Invite your friends to join us. We are praying for revival in America and in our churches and in our lives. Some cannot join us because they are out of town or just cannot get to the Chapel. Pray where you are. Take time to call out to the Lord. Get a couple of Christian friends together and pray. One man told me he would not be at Olive because on the first Wednesday of the month for a long time believers at his office have been praying together at noon. AMEN! That is what I am talking about. JUST DO IT! Join me Wednesday at noon on your knees!  

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  1. A pastor afraid to ask his congregation to get on their knees every Sunday morning of the year is a pastor afraid of Revival.

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