June 4, 2010

How to Help Fulfill the Great Commission

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A few days ago an Olive member gave me a bundle of booklets. It was a basket full of information from teachers who are now in heaven. One of the pamphlets was from the heart and pen of Bill Bright. The title caught my attention. The Campus Crusade for Christ founder wrote How to Help Fulfill The Great Commission. With all I have been involved with in GCRTF, this topic caught my attention. In the booklet Mr. Bright dealt with the Who? What? Why? When? Where? And How? of helping fulfill the Great Commission.   In the section on WHY he gave three good reasons why Christians should devote ourselves completely to this work. 1.  We must go because Christ has commanded us to go. 2.  We must obey our Lord’s command because men are lost without Christ. 3.  We must obey our Lord’s command to go because men everywhere are hungry for God.   How do we do this? It all begins with one somebody you and somebody me being full of Jesus, praying without ceasing and ever learning how to communicate the Gospel effectively. God give us men like Bill Bright to raise up an army of disciple makers among the nations. Can your Lord count on you?   Ted Traylor

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