July 13, 2012

How Not To Stand for Truth

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A reminder of Pensacola’s ugly past was torn down this week. The American Family Planning Clinic building on 9th and Creighton is being demolished. Most people have known the place as
” the abortion clinic.”

It was Christmas 1984 when two people bombed the facility. In 1994 Dr. John Britton and James Barrett were killed by Paul Hill at the facility. Abortion has left an ugly scar on Pensacola. Passions run deep on both sides of the issue.

Have no doubt, abortion is murder. It is wrong. It is sin.

However, no person has the right to take the life of another at an abortion clinic. This is murder. It is wrong. It is sin. May God give Christians wisdom to know how to stand against sin.

We are reminded today of how not to do it.


  1. Well said. There is a time and a place for everything, let not your good be evil spoken of, and abstain from the appearance of evil. We could all avoid so many errors if we could simply retain / and act in alignment with those few thoughts.

  2. Throughout our history, in every “just war”, soldiers have been congratulated, even medaled, for taking the life (lives) of enemies in order to spare or protect many others. I recall the old movie “Sgt. York”, and Alvin York’s spiritual struggle regarding war and taking enemy lives. I wonder if we would treat things similarly if someone from abroad invaded America and killed a million adults and teens a year. In my tendency to want to be reconciling, I think your comments are , indeed, well said. In that light, I suppose we just do not view the fight against abortion as a “just war.” Just a thought…

  3. One of the problems is the error in the translation. G_d’s commandment at Sinai to Israel which was a mix of both Jew and “the nations” Non Jews a/k/a Gentiles was Thou shalt not Murder” He did not say thou shalt not kill. (How could there be blood sacrifices futuristic images of Yeshua @ the cross, or how could men eat animals etc. But the devil has used this erroneous translations over the centuries to encourage the liberal tree hugger types today to use this error in US courts to worship animals etc. protecting them above G_D’s mandate that we have dominion over beasts, fowl fish of the sea etc Genesis. The abortion issue is conveniently not looked as murder and since the Body of Christ has been far too passive and silent it is still law. We need to arise at the voting booth. Blessings

  4. i spent an hour and a half at the clinic site this morning, playing my praise music and praying over that ground. I had literally hundreds of hours invested praying and sidewalk counseling there. I would pray there on Tuesday evenings from 1993-1997. As I walked and prayed many faces of the doctors, staff, escorts came back to my remembrance. I even found ultra sound pics and medical records and a religious medal on the ground. prayed that God would cleanse the ground and that it would be used for righteous purposes. I can I imagine the same feeling that many have shared walking in the death camps of Germany. This was one of Americas death camps. Let us not forget that over 50 million babies have been slaughtered on the altars of convenience and many of those babies died in Pensacola, FL.

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