January 11, 2013

Gun Control – It’s Simple to Understand

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Gun rights and gun control is currently a hot topic in America. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution is a mere twenty-seven words. It is straight forward. I do not see how it cannot be understood. “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” The second amendment is not about hunting. It has nothing to do with how many shells it takes to kill a deer. The amendment is about We The People being able to defend ourselves when needed. The Founders saw the fear of arms being in the hands of the government alone and the people having no power to defend themselves if need be. They did not want the right of the people to bear arms to be infringed. Now, the issue of permits, mental health, and who can own what is a great dialogue to have. However, when the government infringes on the rights of the people, we are headed down a road that is very dangerous in the long run.


  1. Does Satan control most governments? Read Matthew 4:7-8.

  2. Well said !

  3. Dr. Traylor, it is people like you that continue to confuse the issue. The current issue is not having the right to bear arms, hunting or even defending ourselves. The current issue IS how many bullets do we want fallible humans to be able to shoot off in 30-60 seconds. The less bullets a person can shoot off, the less people will die when a freak decides to shoot our children. I agree, that mental health, permits, etc. are also extremely worth pursuing. Stop being so partisan and think for yourself. Geez.

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