July 26, 2013

Grace Greater Than Race

I am disturbed in my spirit.

The verdict in the Zimmerman trial seems to have unleashed a deep bottled-up division in America. Add to that the recent Voter Rights Act decision by the Supreme Court and we have some ugly rhetoric boiling up in our culture. It seemed over the last twenty years we had made some great strides in racial connection in America. Now I am not so sure.

I hear white and black saying we need to have a national conversation about race. Then the screaming starts in an 8-10 minute TV segment. There is more heat than light in most of that. But I do believe a conversation is needed. The conversation I am talking about is with someone of different race.  Someone whom you do not know very well. Make an invite to dinner at your home. Talk. Get to know one another. Hear the stories about their families, grandparents and children. Make a friend rather than making a point. Hear the concerns each has on each side of the color line. You just might be amazed.

I hear some people say I do not see color. That is true only if you are physically blind. It is a part of what makes each of us who we are. It is okay to see it. It is just not ok to pre-judge because of what you see at first glance. Let’s have some conversations.

I am preaching Sunday on the Woman at the Well. She was a Samaritan. Jesus was a Jew. That was a formula for separation. Jesus tore down the barrier. It all started with a drink of water.

Grace is greater than race.



  1. Amen!
    I have a friend who is physically blind and he said “more people should be blind like me, I can only see a persons heart.”

  2. Dr.Traylor,

    The vacuum of Dr. Martin Luther King was never filled with the exception of two Poverty Pimps named Jackson and Sharpton who have made a living off of keeping black Americans (notice I did not say African Americans) stirred up and angry. They are never to be found unless the pot is ready to be stirred. There will be no peace within the races until people such as there stop creating issues where none exist.


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