January 10, 2012

Five Questions That Will Change Your Life

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This preacher is a big University of Alabama fan. Last night the Tide captured their fourteenth national football championship. Dr. Kevin Elko is a cognitive behavioral psychologist. Coach Nick Saban uses him to help the team be mentally ready for games. Dr. Elko writes of Five Questions That Will Change Your Life. Let me give them to you. They may help you think like a champion. 1. Am I telling myself facts?  This question builds responsibility. 2. How and where can I respond better?  This question changes your focus of control. 3. What am I allowing outside of me (approval, popularity, etc.) to drive my emotions?  This question builds intrinsic motivation. 4. How would you now live if you were living your last day?  This question adds positive value to life. 5. Whom am I going to take my gifts to today and add to their days? The team was pumped up and ready to go last night. Alabama 21- LSU 0. Somebody was thinking right.

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