August 3, 2012

Fall Is Coming

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I am back from a few days of vacation in the hills of North GA. Here are a few thoughts as I enter the weekend. 1. Excited to be back at Olive and preach on the Personal Action of the Holy Spirit from Zechariah 4. 2. The Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day on Wednesday caused a stir. I have been dialoguing with some young adults on Facebook that had disagreement with the day. They sense the Gay community felt hate. This is a worthy question to consider. I am working now on a sermon to present on Why and How to Disagree with Same Sex Marriage. For this culture it must be more than the Bible says so. We will begin there but deal with other issues. 3. College football is just around the corner. The team I pull for started pre-season camp today. How would you like to be working out in this heat? WOW! 4. This month we have the first wave of the fall elections in Florida. Count on this – when the Presidential ballots are counted all eyes will once again be on Florida. 5. Going to the Chumukla Opry tonight!


  1. On #2:

    I know God sees all sin the same, weather its the topic at hand, adulty, even a little white lie or any other sin. The penalty for any of those sins are one in the same. We all struggle with at least one thing that we need the power of Christ to overcome. I also believe, just as He told the woman at the well, to Go, and Sin no more. She new her sin, Christ forgave her, and instructed her to not sin no more. I think we should be like Christ and love the sinner, forgive them right where they are at, like Christ forgave us, and point them to Christ with Love and Compassion, not Hate and judgement. Its not our job to judge, its our job to lead them to the Cross, and let the Spirit of God work in thier lives. We need to focus on our own walk (removing the logs from our own eyes). If we focus on our walk, and our character, expressing the Love of Christ, those around us weather its the Gay community or anyone else that is in bondage of sin, they will be able to see Christ in us, and they will be more open and receptive of what we have to say. The key is doing it with the Love of Christ. Thank God that he forgave me from my multitude of sins.

  2. You and I can be on opposite sides of an issue without hatred coming into the equation. We can disagree respectfully. It seems the gay and lesbian supporters wish to paint all those who oppose them with the brush of hate. That sanctimonious position seems neither fair or open minded.

  3. I’m excited to hear you will be speaking on the concerns raised about Chick-Fil-A appreciation day. I have been wanting to know what your perspective is on the questions raised by all the various voices in the Christian community that worry that the message we sent may not have been what was intended. Can’t wait to hear it!

  4. looking forward to #2…Something I have pondered but can’t figure out.

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