February 5, 2013

Encouraging Children’s Leaders

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It was an honor and and a joy to speak this morning to the Preschool/Children’s Metro Leadership Conference in Destin. OBC Children’s Minister Dennis Dean is the coordinator for this year’s event.  Mr. Frank Lay and I led the sessions. Leaders from across our convention who direct ministry to children in larger churches were in attendance. They do a fantastic job behind the scenes of each local church.

Teams need all kinds of members. The people I spoke to this morning are some of the best. Maybe you should write them a note to say thanks. Or better yet, think about volunteering in these areas of ministry. We must train up a generation to love Jesus and serve in His church.


  1. I am always amazed at what a wonderful job Dennis does with the children’t ministry. Everything is always so well organized and planned. His team members have such sweet spirits. He is a true asset to our church.

  2. I had the privilege of working in Children’s Ministry for over 25 years before the Lord opened doors for me to work in other areas. One of the best things about Children’s Ministry is that years down the road you can see the fruit of your labor in a tangible way! Thank you to all who minister to children! You are very special!

  3. Who is that lovely couple on your right?

  4. “Encouraging Childrens Leaders | Ted Traylor” was certainly entertaining
    and enlightening! In the present day society that is tricky
    to manage. Thx, Nina

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