November 6, 2012

Election Day in America

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Since 1789 forty-four men have served as President of the United States. How many can you name? Not all of them are memorable. Others had great conviction and courage. Those we remember has having made a difference.

Today America goes to the polls again. We need a man to lead our nation out of a mess and into a better future. Pray, vote and work for a better America. This is a very important day in American history.

If you have not cast your ballot, you still have time. Vote. Let your voice be heard.


  1. I’ve said plenty on my facebook page, but I am thrilled that I still was able to wake up this morning and given another opportunity to spread God’s love. twice alone this morning (long story, so I’ll just make this short) I was already acknowledged by two people of how God is working in my life and how in turn it helped them and I simply gave HIM all the praise. HIM HIM HIM, stop looking at me :) take this and you go and plant seeds. The Great Commission!

    after last night, I understand if many are frustrated. or maybe downright angry. I really do understand. so many worked hard for this election. both sides of the aisle bring legitimate points. we can argue forever about which political system is more advantageous, but if in the right hands, we are capable of fulfilling biblical responsibilities.

    many last night uttered they’ve lost hope in God. that breaks my heart. I wish I can go into how many times in my life God has said “no” and in reality, new doors were open for the best. if God said “yes” to all my prayers, I would legitimately be dead today. we need to realize it’s an utter privilege to pray and how serious it is. only the blood of Jesus has allowed us to do so. we are talking to our Creator and to get upset with God over last night is heartbreaking to me. people are seeing how Christians react to prayer.

    with the victory of Obama last night, perhaps as a nation we have allowed the evil of abortion and the perversion of marriage run amuck. perhaps we got what we asked for. perhaps we’ve come to a point of being like the Israelites in demanding a king. perhaps there is sin flourishing in our lives while we pray for “his demise” and “Romney’s victory.” think hard when we pray to God in how would He react when we actually ask for someone’s demise instead of encouraging our brother? if our motive is simply a “better nation” instead of the Great Commission, do you think God is gonna fulfill?

    perhaps God is seeing how much we rely on Him? when we start putting faith in man…we get what we deserve. don’t rush Him. His answers are in perfect timing. I hear too many stories of how depressing life was…and people are still coming to Him.

    but the beauty, so humbling, always remember: God is always in control. be JOYFUL!!! He forgives. thank You for forgiving me…and let’s please take the time to pray for your pastor, your president, your governor, etc. to be godly and moral. without any of these traits, wise decisions are impossible. last I checked, Romans lets us know quite clearly to not just pray for the Republican or the Democrat…we are to respect and honor leaders. we still discern and not roll over and agree with every policy, but we respect the individuals. and unfortunately, I haven’t seen much respect in the last decade with the borderline-militant attitudes.

    our citizenship is in heaven. what are we doing to get others there? filling in bubbles is only a very-partial answer. we are all part of the same family. I love any of you that read this.

    God bless,


  2. I really only want post-election analysis from two people right now. My pastor and Billy Graham.

    A little confused right now. Thankfully God’s not.

  3. it’s understandable to be confused. a lot of people put their heart and soul into this election. but what you said at the very end is what matters. what a great God we serve

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