May 18, 2012

Dream Dreams

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I read this week about the struggle with dementia in our older generation. It is a wicked disease. And then a spiritual application was drawn.

In the church we often live in the past. We only think and talk of things from forty years ago. We ignore the present and give no thought to the future.

While we dare not forget the past. We must live in the here and now. And we must dream dreams.

Further reading:Psalm 126:1.

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  1. Amen Pastor!

    When Moses was called by the LORD to go down to Egypt to deliver His people from the bondage and servitude inflicted upon them by Pharaoh …Moses asked the Lord “who shall I say sent me” Jehovah said; “Tell them “I AM” sent you” That was, that Our God is always in the PRESENT TENSE! Always “able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think…by the power that worketh in us … that there maybe glory unto Him by Christ Jesus IN THE CHURCH…throughout all “ages” Ephesians 3:20,21

    The hour is late and the need is great but our God is GREAT and READY and ABLE and all sufficient in the here and now to give the “old men dreams and the young men and women visions” and the promise of power to fulfill them.Acts 2:17

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