April 13, 2012

Don’t Pick on Moms

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Hilary Rosen stepped in a hornets nest this week. The Democratic strategist said Mitt Romney’s wife “never worked a day in her life.” This reminded me of another Hillary. Mrs. Clinton said in 1992 she could have stayed home and baked cookies. Mothers who chose to stay home with their young children do some of the toughest work in the world. Some suggest what is meant is a mom does not get paid. Well, I understand a check does not get deposited every two weeks. However, the payoff in the life of a child is big time.

People say some stupid things in public. Believe me, I have done it. Warning! Do not pick on moms. These are some tough ladies. And they work more than 9 to 5.


  1. Thank you Bro. Ted! Love ya!

  2. It is interesting how our society will hastily regard some vocations as dignified and honorable while simultaneously regard other vocations as undesirable and humiliating. We live in a society that will esteem you for managing the boardroom but demean you for managing the home. It’s a caste system in its own right; men and women are both ensnared within its prison.

  3. I was a working more but fortunately had emplloyment with a company/gproup who felt it a necessity to participate in school activiites and be a part of them. My husband was able to stay with the until they got on the bus, then I picked them up when they got out of school…But today, our daughter who is 40 has just chosen to leave what he was taught continues to bring tears to my eyes everyday. I know the Bible tells us when they depart from us, they wil return. So many times I have not seen this happy. I know that when our children chose to slam the door on those who love them and go another wrote, and yes, even close the door on her own children, the heart breaks. Yes parenting is a most difficulting work and you pray that the hard work with God’s hand sees your children turn out to love and serve him…it is went they just seem to not care and they give up with their children to the father who is not any better,and you see them getting no moral and technical support that it breaks your heart.

  4. Pastor, I had a highly successful career myself as a health care executive. A little over two years ago, God blessed my husband and I with our precious little girl, Lily, after 15 1/2 years of marriage. I chose to walk away from my career to give everything I had to my family and the raising of our little girl. Many of my peers told me I was making the wrong choice. “How could I give up so much?”, “You’ll regret this a couple years down the road” and “You know when you want to come back to your career, you probably won’t be able to enter at the same level” were statements I heard often. The baseline issue here is simply that the world doesn’t like to accept that anyone can sacrifice their own life for another, whether it be a mother for a child or Jesus for a sinner. Thank you for standing up for moms. I am a Christian today because of a Godly mother. Both stay-at-home and working outside the home moms work extremely hard. For me personally, this was what God asked of me and it has been my honor to focus on my child fulltime – - she is, after all, my most wonderful answer to prayer.

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