June 25, 2013

CPR for Dying Churches

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Today I am meeting with SBC State Evangelism leaders from across the Southern states. These leaders do a great job keeping the fires burning for sharing the Gospel. Yet we all admit we are in trouble. We see a decline in baptisms. There are 900 SBC churches a year closing their doors. And we have a high percentage of our churches stagnant or in decline. I had a few takeaways from the Monday meeting and look forward to learning more today. 1. Any church can and will die if it does not reach the next generation. 2. A growing number of churches no longer have Vacation Bible School. I was amazed. The reason most often given is the church does not have enough workers. 3. Church revitalization is a critical need. There are several ways to go at this. But the key is dying churches must admit they are in critical condition before any plan can be attempted. This is a tough step. 4. Church planting is a must in our cities. 5. Cooperation among churches needs to grow. Healthy churches helping struggling churches is a big challenge. It is not an easy task but is often fruitful. 6. The pastor is key. If a church is going to reach people, it begins with the pastor. If his heart is not on fire, the church will seldom blaze.


  1. Pastor,
    Do you think that the trend to much larger churches has anything to do with smaller churches closing. It seems that it might be somewhat a self fulfilling result: Larger churches offer more for families than smaller churches and so good people leave the smaller churches.This causes the small ones to have fewer people to offer fewer ministries and so the church begins to decline.
    Understand that I went to your church for years before moving away, and am certainly not against large churches, I just wondered about your thoughts on this.
    Godd Bless You Pastor

  2. CPR for the body of Christ:
    Consistent Personal Renewal.

  3. Good stuff. Look forward to your thoughts on today’s meeting.

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