March 24, 2009


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There is an interesting article in the Tuesday Pensacola News Journal. Leaders of two departments in our local government have announced there will be no direct communication between the two officials. They are at an impasse so they will talk to others but not one other. Now this may be a public way of breaking a log jam, I am not sure. But it presents a lesson for all of us. Communication is essential. Any leader must effectively communicate. It may be the leader’s most valuable asset. Let me ask some questions: 1. Are you communicating at work? 2. Do you communicate with your spouse and kids? 3. Are you communicating with the Lord? “Effective communication is both an art and a science. It’s an art that requires the same earnest attention, persistent practice and careful technique as the mastery of painting, sculpture, or music. It’s a science based on the tenets of psychology.” – John Haggai Only bad attitudes account for more failures of leadership than faulty communication. Pastor Ted Traylor

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  1. Pastor,
    We are loving Olive all the way from Goldsboro, NC! We miss and love yall
    and are praying God’s “above and beyond abundant” blessings on our forever
    church family.
    In Him,
    Matt, Martha, and Maegan Roberson

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