June 8, 2010


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Last night Liz and I had the joy of attending the annual banquet for CHOSEN. This is a ministry at Olive where the adult ladies teach the younger. The target group consists of high school girls. They meet weekly on Monday evenings. The ladies who are mentors spend time with their small group of girls and no topic is too tough to handle. They listen, love and encourage the young ladies. It is fantastic.

At the year-end banquet, recognitions were given to girls for attendance, scripture memory and other items of faithfulness. I was greatly encouraged to see the young ladies who participated express gratitude to leaders who had poured life into them. This is discipleship with excellence. Christi Tyner is the leader and does a faithful and fun job of directing the CHOSEN ministry. In years to come we will see strong, Christ-following women come from this group.

Ted Traylor


  1. We were SO honored to have you there! And while I’d LOVE to take credit for the AMAZING ministry that now has my heart I couldn’t click off this post without listing a few more names: Amber Sherouse, Dee Kelley, Lesa Price, Rachel Traylor, Staci Jacobi, Whitney Lloyd, and Lynette Bledsoe are all the women who give of themselves weekly. God is working in the hearts of these young girls, they have more knowledge than I possessed at their age, they have more POWER than I possess now! Trust me, the GLORY is coming!

  2. Amen! Bless the LORD!

  3. I have gained so much from the girls than I feel I could ever give back to them. They are an inspiration and have an amazing walk with God.

    Christi is a wonderful leader and is fearless when approaching those all so sensitive topics. She has a way about her teaching that shows her love for the girls and her heart’s desire for them to be Girls of Faith.

    Thank you for joining us at the banquet and raising a daughter who loves the Lord and love to mentor others!

    The Chosen Ministry at Olive is a blessing and I am grateful to have been a part. It truly is a sisterhood for Christ.

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