March 20, 2009


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It is the first day of spring. New life is all around us. Dogwood trees are turning white as the earth warms and grass turns green. The church needs the same kind of awakening. The Southern Baptist Convention needs it. Olive requires it. I am asking God for it in my own life. On Sunday through Wednesday of this week Leo Day and I were in revival meetings at the First Baptist Church of Gulf Shores, Alabama. We saw people saved each evening. Beyond that we encountered a move of the Holy Spirit within the church. Pastor Lloyd Stilley and his gracious people were open to what God wanted to do. Young people were in the room and at the alter each night. These kind of sparks are needed in churches. Then the task of discipleship must be taken up with serious prayer. Passing the faith of the Bible to the next generation is essential in our time. The time is NOW for this. See you Sunday praying for the spark to become a flame. Pastor Ted Traylor

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