August 17, 2012

ACLU Is At It Again

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The ACLU in Pensacola is once again lodging complaints against a Northwest Florida school. And just in time for the opening bell of a new year. Susan Watson and the local ACLU is complaining that Jacqueline Harris Preparatory Academy (a charter school) is teaching religion. They took note that in the explanation of the school name God is mentioned. It is named for Jacqueline Harris, a lady who loved God. There is a movement in America to remove the mention of God from any state organization. And it seems Pensacola is a primary target. WHY? Well, when the first settlers of our great nation came to these shores, they landed in Pensacola. One of the first things they did was place crosses on the beach and observe communion. The devil has hated it ever since. The cross was here before the ACLU arrived, and it will stand tall when they are gone. PERSIST JHPA! Keep loving kids and teaching!

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  1. AMEN! Thank you Pastor for your continued leadership!

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