September 11, 2012

A Tribute to Dr. Roy Fish

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On Monday, September 10, Dr. Roy Fish was called home to heaven. He was the distinguished professor of Evangelism at Southwestern Seminary.

When Liz and I walked onto the Fort Worth campus in 1979, we were excited to be in a place that placed a priority on missions, evangelism and preaching. Liz was privileged to work as secretary for Dr. Fish for two years. We learned much in his office. I was able to drive him to a few preaching engagements. Those were great times of discipleship.

When I came to Olive twenty-two years ago, the search team spoke with Dr. Fish. He said, “Call Ted to get Liz!” He was one of my heroes. Dr. Paige Patterson said of Roy Fish, “He set on fire the hearts of thousands of students.” I was one of those.

Thank you, Roy Fish, for living and teaching the Gospel. When I told Liz of Dr. Fish’s death she had tears streaming down her face. Just like I do as I write this.


  1. Great words Ted! He set my heart on fire for evangelism too! We are blessed…

  2. Bro. Ted, Dr. Fish challenged every one of us who were privileged to sit under his teaching. When he challenged the student who lamented, ” I wish I knew as much scripture as you do” by saying, “I didn’t get to this point by wishing!” I am reminded that we must always be learners, just as he was. We can be most confident of the “Well done, good and faithful servant” Dr. Fish received on Monday. What a man.

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