November 9, 2012

A Great Nation

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Why did Obama win? Why did Romney lose? I have seen scores of articles and interviews attempting to answer these questions. I am not that smart. And from reading and listening to several others they do not appear very smart either. The situation is that President Obama won reelection and not much has changed in Washington as to the makeup of the government. And unless attitudes change we are in for more gridlock.

I stated in a previous blog post that I was voting for Romney. I did. I have a picture of my ballot to prove it. So now that the President has won how do I respond? I continue to pray and work for revival. I continue to pray for the President and other elected officials. I continue to stand against the social liberalism the President pushes. I will continue to pay my taxes. And I will pay more in 2013 if changes are not made.

America is a GREAT NATION. I love this country. This Sunday is Veteran’s Day. Remember to say thank you. Had we not fought some tough wars in days gone by we would have not been free to vote this week. We have been given a great gift in this Republic. Let’s work to keep it.


  1. I think that my failure this year has been placing my hope in a national revival that would come through political means. I admit I have listened to every sermon you gave this year saying revival would only start in the church and by His followers.

    Yet, I am tragically lazy and fleshly. I wanted an easier softer way. I am realizing that this fallen world will never be redeemed by fallen men. Only by a risen One.

    The Gospel to every place in America in one year.

    Time for me to get to work talking about Him and what He has done for me.

  2. We must also pray for a revival in our churches so that people will want to come to know Christ & turn away from the carnal living they are doing in these days & times. While we will not be able to reach everyone, the church MUST reach for this goal of winning souls for God because every person lost is another win for Satan! Our churches MUST have revival within themselves before they can hope to reach out to others.

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