December 14, 2012

A Different Kind of Birthday

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Today is my 59th birthday. It began and is ending in much different ways. Early this morning I received a phone call from my mother wishing me a happy birthday. Next, I jotted down some lines in my journal, giving thanks for my family.  As I checked my phone, I found many Facebook greetings, emails, and texts. My heart was encouraged. Then the news broke. Twenty-eight people, including twenty children, killed in a senseless act of violence in the Connecticut school shooting.  How could such a heinous act of evil happen? Our Olive staff prayed this afternoon for the grieving families and the community changed forever. I also called Escambia County School Superintendent Malcolm Thomas to check on him on such a difficult day. Hold your family tightly tonight.  Then pray God will bring comfort to those who are facing indescribable heartbreak.


  1. My mine can not grasp how anyone could do this, I served in Viet Nam and first Gulf War, and have seen a lot, need to pray for first responders, what a picture is going to be forever in their minds.
    To many PC games that make killing easy and not personnel, should be treated as PORN.
    Pray for america.

  2. One more thought. Not my words but true, we do not need a 1000 new laws, we already have one ” thy shall not kill. Culture has changed, in Sand Mtn Alabama, we carried guns to school, this time of year, since a lot of us went hunting on way home, but we understood the danger and never would have used on a fellow student. I had a lot of trouble coming to grips with thy shall not kill after Viet Nam, and still fill remorse.
    I hurt and pray for these kids and families.

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