March 17, 2009

A Calling to Repentance

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The Christian Science Monitor carried an interesting story last week. Michael Spencer wrote the article that was headlined, “The Coming Evangelical Collapse”. He says an anti-Christian chapter in Western history is about to begin. He writes of a coming apostasy and predicts millions of evangelicals will quit. The Saturday, March 14 edition of the Pensacola News Journal carried Leonard Pitts editorial entitled, “Religion is Driving Us Away from God.” He bases the column on the recent study, the American Religious Identification Survey. Conducted by researchers at Trinity College of Hartford, Connecticut, he cites the findings that those calling themselves Christian is down 10% since 1990. The number is now 76% We cannot deny that the American church is in trouble. And the troubles are ours. The need of the hour is repentance within the body of Christ. We need to return to our first love and be open to the fresh leading of the Holy Spirit and to His manifestation of Bible faith in our culture. Today is St Patrick’s Day. All most know of the day is wearing green, having a parade, drinking beer and eating corn beef. However, if you go back and read of Patrick you will find him a Gospel preacher calling people to repentance in Ireland. He died March 17, 461 A.D. We would be wise to look at history and ask God to raise up others to call us to repentance. Pastor Ted Traylor

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