Set your mind on things above

It has been a long week for Liz and me. Her stepfather died on Labor Day afternoon. We stood with Mrs. Baker as Clyde slipped into the arms of Jesus. Death for the Christian is a blessed event. Unsaved people and their families cannot comprehend the peace that passes all understanding. The Holy Spirit gives comfort every step of the way. Praise the Lord!

Liz will be coming home the first of the week. She has some red tape to help her mom work through. A funeral is one day but recovery is a process. Continue to pray for them as they complete some important tasks.

As I preached at the funeral, I spoke of setting your mind on things above. In the book of Romans, in chapter eight, we are told that the mind set on the flesh is hostile toward God. The mind set on the Spirit is filled with life and peace. The choice is ours. “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Fix your mind on things above and you will gain purpose, vigor and strength. Right thinking and focus is essential to walking in the Spirit.

Join me Sunday as we continue to answer questions from the Fish House.

Pastor Ted Traylor

Great beach baptism

Beach Baptism Montage

Sunday afternoon, September 3, was a special evening at Pensacola Beach for Olive Baptist Church and the Gospel. More than 500 of our church members gathered at the pavilion on a beautiful Lord’s Day afternoon. Kirk Sullivan, vocalist with 4Him, was awesome as he sang and led us in music and worship. Then we moved to the water’s edge. I had the privilege of baptizing 38 people there in the Gulf of Mexico! As the beach was bustling with Labor Day visitors, Olive was out making a very positive statement for the Good News of Christ. Thank you to those who assisted in one of our church’s largest baptism services.

We are to be on mission with a public faith. In September we will be working toward our October 1 Mission Day emphasis. Be praying about your involvement. Then all during the month of October we will be in the area around the church facility prayer walking and sharing the Gospel. These are important days.

Monday afternoon, Mr. Clyde Baker, Liz’s stepfather, went to be with the Lord. So many of you have been praying for Liz while she has been away to be with her mom during Mr. Baker’s decline. Now as our family moves into this time of loss and grief, please lift us up to the Lord as we seek His grace, comfort and peace. Your love for our family is one of never-ending support and consolation. Please pray for me as I prepare my message for the funeral.

Mr. Baker’s funeral is 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 7, at the church listed below:

First United Methodist Guntersville
539 Gunter Ave.< Guntersville, AL 35976 In lieu of flowers the family requests making donations to the mission program of First United Methodist Church Guntersville.

Labor Day

While Labor Day weekend unfolds, we are reminded to honor the working people of America. As we do that, I am extremely grateful for the job I have. Being the pastor of Olive Baptist Church is a great responsibility as well as a joyful task. As I do my work, I ask you again to pray Malachi 2:6 over me. Ask the Father that “true instruction be in my mouth, and unrighteousness not be found on my lips; that I will walk with God in peace and uprightness and turn many back from iniquity.”

Please pray for me regarding these four areas of my life:

1. Exposition ~ I Ask the Lord to make me a committed Bible preacher.

2. Ethics ~ My desire is to have my walk match my talk.

3. Encounter ~ I long to have a fresh walk with Jesus day by day

4. Evangelism ~ My yearning is to be a personal soul-winner. Pray for me to be bold.

If you have a job this Labor Day, be thankful for it. Seek the Lord for a Bible promise regarding your employment. You are here to be salt and light in a dark world. Your career affords you a place of influence. Ask God to make you usable. Then get ready because He is about to place you in an eternal job market.