Praying for Those Within the Shadow of the Cross


Naomi Jones lived just a few blocks from the back entrance to Olive Baptist Church. She was abducted a few days ago and yesterday her body was discovered less than five miles from her home.

The search gripped our community. The authorities set up their command post on the Olive back parking lot. Klaas Kids came to search. Hundreds of volunteers were a part of the effort to find Naomi.

On Monday afternoon we held a prayer time for the hurting. I will never forget the sobbing young girl in the church altar, pouring out her hurt to the Lord.

Grief is never easy. Yet, when we are at our worst God is at His best. He is the Comforter.

This crime happened within the shadow of the cross on top of our church building. No place is immune. I am reminded that we must be faithful around the world but also at home with the Gospel.

Today I am praying for our friends in law enforcement. They are working a homicide. Justice must be served. May God give them quick success.

If you have children in your home, hold them a little closer today. May the God of all comfort bless the family of Naomi Jones.

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