Exciting Days Ahead at Olive!

Yesterday was a historic day in the life of Olive. At 4pm, we signed the merger agreement with Warrington Baptist Church. In weeks to come we will replant a Gospel work in the facilities of WBC.

Many weeks ago, I entered into a dialogue with members at Warrington. This was at their request. We talked about various avenues for their future. We made the choice to merger, with the result that WBC corporation would dissolve and all members and physical assets of the ministry would become a part of Olive. In turn, OBC assumes liability and responsibility for the ministry going forward.

Now what?

I feel a lot like I did before my first sermon. Never have done this before. However, Olive now has a staff member who has navigated these waters with success and growth. God sent Shaun Pillay to us right on time. But he has never done this in the South, but he is ready to embrace these challenges. His expertise is vital as we move forward in this endeavor.

Bottom line: God has opened a door for a rebirth of a ministry opportunity in a strategic location. This was a part of our Vision25 dream.

Here are some next steps:

1. Pray
2. Walk and drive in Warrington and pray
3. Some Olive members will go to OBC West in Warrington as core group members
4. Mark May 28 on your calendar, as we will have our evening service at Warrington.
5. Summer will bring many ministry opportunities.

What part will God have you do?

Together we can!

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